Island Alpine Climbing

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A Guide to Climbs and Scrambles
in the Vancouver Island Alps

Island Alpine Climbing is a detailed guidebook to the scrambling and technical rock and ice climbs on 50 of the most challenging mountains on Vancouver Island, including Strathcona Park. Over 475 routes in total!

In rich, full colour the spectacular Island Alps are clearly illustrated, along with history and sound advice for planning and travelling in the rugged Island backcountry.

The mountains covered in Island Alpine Climbing are as follows:

Mt. Arrowsmith
Triple Peak
The Cats Ears
Mackenzie Range
Mt. Becher
Mt Washington
Mt. Albert Edward
Argus Mountain
Mt. Harmston
The Red Pillar
Big Den Mountain
Idsardi Mountain
Mt. Haig-Brown
El Piveto Mountain
King's Peak
Elkhorn Mountain
Elkhorn South Mountain
Rambler Peak
Mt. Colonel Foster
Slocomb Peak
Mt. McBride
Marblerock Canyon
Golden Hinde
The Behinde
Matchlee Mountain
Mt. Myra
Mt. Tom Taylor
Mt. Septimus
Mt. Rosseau
Nine Peaks
Victoria Peak
Warden Peak
Mt. Alston
Sutton Peak
Mt. Schoen
Kunnum Peak
Mt. Cain
Conuma Peak
Mt. Bate
Mt. Alava
Little Alava
Mt. Grattan
Thumb Peak
The Pitchfork
The Triplets
Rugged Mountain
Merlon Peak
Ya'ai Peak
Haihte Spire
Grayback Peak
Pinder Peak
Mt. Ashwood

Island Alpine Climbing is designed to replace Island Alpine Select as the go-to alpine climbing guidebook for Vancouver Island. The focus has been narrowed from its predecessor to only include the technical climbs and scrambles on the more challenging and popular Island peaks. Island Alpine Climbing will work especially well alongside Exploring Strathcona Park which has additional information for approaches and trip options for the peaks within Strathcona Provincial Park.

- Type of climbing: scrambling, rock and climbing
- Published by Wild Isle Publication in 2021
- Author: Philip Stone
- Region: Vancouver Island (British Columbia, Canada)
- Edition: 1st (newest)
- Language: English
- Color: Yes
- Pages: 431
- Dimension: 6″ wide by 9″ tall
- ISBN: 9780993877292

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