Joshua Tree Bouldering

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Welcome to one of Earth’s great playgrounds of stone — Joshua Tree National Park. The sheer size and complexity of Joshua Tree’s granite mazes is mind-boggling: 30 square miles of rock piles, hundreds of formations — and millions of boulders. For those seeking the thrill of exploration and a lifetime of bouldering, Joshua Tree is ad infinitum. Joshua Tree Bouldering is the most comprehensive book available on JT bouldering, documenting more than 2000 problems, from the surprisingly stout climbs of the 1960s, through Stonemaster classics of the 1970s and ’80s, to recent V-double-digit testpieces pioneered by the likes of Rob Mulligan, Chris Lindner, Chris Sharma, and Keenan Takahashi. Inside find inspiring color photography and helpful maps to guide you to your new projects.

Meet the author: Robert Miramontes first visited Joshua Tree National Park in the mid 1980’s and got hooked on climbing and bouldering there, marking the beginning of a life-long obsession. His love of the park inspired the cultivation of another passion — photography. Combining these two passions led to the creation of this book. Robert has now written six books for the area, including this book, and the Wolverine titles Joshua Tree Rock Climbs and the Insider’s Guide. He lives in nearby Desert Hot Springs with his wife Christina, also a climber, and daughter Alexandra.

- Published by Wolverine Publishing in 2016
- Author: Robert Miramontes
- Region: Joshua Tree Nat. Park (California, USA)
- Edition: 2nd
- Language: English
- Color: Yes
- Pages: 484
- Dimension: 6.125″ wide by 8.62″ tall
- ISBN: 9781938393266
- Weight: 615g

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