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The Jsnare is a “snare” type threader designed to turn the rope, cord or webbing around the “corner” of a V-Thread (Abalakov) or A-Thread easily without “picking” or wearing the rope end. It makes using climbing rope especially easy compared to the usual “Pick” type devices. No more worry of puncturing or damaging your gear with the sharp pick.
  1. ​Note the bevel in the working end of the snare. This faces the outside edge in the “V”. It is designed to turn the rope end approximately 45 degrees.
  2. Make a V-Thread as usual. It is helpful to slightly over drill the hole for the cord past the intersection of the holes, especially when threading with climbing rope.
  3. Adjust the snare size to the diameter of the thread hole, or maybe a bit larger. Just push the red handle in fully, and you are about right.
  4. It is very helpful to straighten the plastic tubing that will go inside the thread towards the bevelled end. This puts the snare loop in the inside edge or middle of the hole. Leave the end towards the red grip curved. This allows you to see down the thread keeping your hands out of your line of sight.  This is very important when using a climbing rope.
  5. With your pinky in the red loop (or if wearing thick gloves, palm the loop) slide the Jsnare in with the snare loop perpendicular to the path of the rope or cord.
  6. Thread the rope or cord through the other leg of the "V" as usual and through the snare loop.
  7. Don’t push the rope too far through the loop, as this will inhibit the rope turn.  About 1/2 inch through the loop is about right.
  8. Pull the red handle with your pinky and push your fingers against the tubing end which pulls the snare loop tightly down on the rope or cord. You will see that the rope or cord turns along the bevel.
  9. Maintaining a tight grip on the snare, pull the rope or cord through. Prepare the rope or cord as usual.
  10. Store the Jsnare in a loop, bevel to the inside of the curve, which maintains the curved form of the Jsnare. Hang it on a carabiner on your harness.
  11. Jsnare may be cleared of snow or ice that makes its way inside by blowing on the tube when you finish pulling the rope or cord.

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