Emery Nuts (Previous Generation)

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*Previous generation of Kailas Emery Nuts

Emery Nuts is a classic wedge-shaped protection device, clamps the rock crack and hole tightly during climbing to provide protection.

• The surface horizontal slot design bring the connection of the nut and the crack closer
• The pliable and tough steel wire rope lessens the shake of the nut caused by the rope trembling
• Each of the ten sizes has its own colour for easy identification and selection
• Range: 8 to 35mm

Recommended Use: Provides protection in climbing, caving, rescue and work at heights
Certification: CE2008 EN12270
Size: 1-10

Size Strength Size A Size B Weight
0 9kN 8.5mm 13mm 27g
1 9kN 9.6mm 14mm 28g
2 9kN 12mm 16mm 31g
3 9kN 15.5mm 21mm 34g
4 9kN 17mm 24mm 37g
5 9kN 19.5mm 25mm 41g
6 9kN 23.5mm 28mm 47g
7 9kN 27mm 33mm 58g
8 9kN 30.5mm 37mm 68g
9 9kN 34.5mm 42mm 79g

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