Magic Dyneema MAC Anchor Chain

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Verti Call Choice Award in the Performance category. Click here for details!

The most advance daisy chain. Each Magic Loop is made of a core of round twisted Dyneema® yarn surrounded by an abrasion-proof sheath. Resulting in an ultra-robust sling without any thicker and hard load-bearing connecting seam (eliminates overlap of stitching webbing). It allows the loop to rotate freely, preventing potential repetitive abrasion in the same area. The core-sheath construction (load-bearing core and protective sheath) also makes the sling far less susceptible to damaging UV rays, and abrasion from rough rocks does not impair the sling's tensile strength. The Magic Belay Loop offers absolute ultralight and maximum safety.
  • Made of lightweight and strong Magic Loop in Dyneema
  • Innovative stitches
  • No thicker and hard load-bearing connecting seam
  • Length: 90cm
  • Strength: 22kN (very loop is 30kN)
  • Weight: 53.5g

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