Oval Straight Gate

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Available in 3 different colours. This classic O-shaped carabiner can be used for a large variety of purposes. It also lets you rack your nuts or other protection according to the gate colour which is very convenient. For example, the yellow gate could be for small nuts, green for big nuts and blue for offset nuts.
  • Symmetrical design with a smooth surface and large internal dimensions
  • Keylock ''no-lock'' nose allows easy clipping/unclipping, and avoids entangling with ropes or hangers
  • Tension test for every single carabiner to ensure safety
  • Dimensions: 110mm X 61.2mm
  • Gate Opening: 20mm
  • Major Axis Strength: 25kN
  • Minor Axis Strength: 8kN
  • Open Gate Strength: 7kN
  • Weight: 67g
  • Certification: CE2008 EN12275

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