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The Sherpa Strap is versatile, portable and widely used all around the world. It's made of high-strength nylon 20mm in width and 30mm for the middle part. The wide part makes it comfortable to step in as an aider or as a shoulder strap for carrying gear. It's also useful for carrying a wounded in an emergency, carrying heavy things and strapping luggage. This strap is useful not only for climbers but also for hikers, hunters, movers, paramedics, policemen, firefighters, etc.
  • Length: 290cm
  • Load Bearing: 800kg
  • Weight: 88g
Tips: To build a carry system to carry an injured person, the rescuer can find a stout tree branch, stick or trekking pole and tie ends with a clove hitch to make a simple glider. Adjust the length and put the wider part of the band at the forehead for comfort. Use hands to stabilize the injured when moving.

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