Swift Ice Screw

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Boasts of several patents, the Swift Ice Screw won the ISPO Gold Winner Award 2015-2016 and the Asia Outdoor Industry Award

● Weight: 82g (13cm), 88g (16cm) and 97g (20cm).
● Made of ultralight 7075 high-density aluminum for tube and hanger / stainless steel for teeth and arm of the handle.
● Trapezoidal threads for small friction enable easy insertion.
● Very aggressive stainless steel teeth are optimized to facilitate bite into the ice.
● Hanger/handle design to be well comfortable and provide better stability when grab and press against ice.
● Very short hanger facilitates screwing into small, narrow and sculpted ice.
● The hanger can fit two carabiners at the same time, which is highly convenient.
● Strong and ultra-light ''I'' beam hanger gives more options when connecting a sling. 
● Plastic handle tips are comfortable to grab in mouths. The arm is stainless.
● Patented foldable crank knobs.
● Reflective silver colour will not attract the heat from the sun and prevent melting ice around the screw.
● Easy to use with gloves on.
● Available in 3 lengths, colour-coded for quick indexing.
● Come with a cap protector and threads protector.

Patent Number: 201220659277.2
Certification: CE1015, EN568 

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