Vacuo Quickdraw - 5 Pack

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Vacuo Quickdraw is your top choice for overcoming climbing difficulties. Design for red-point, the newly-design high-performance Vacuo Quickdraw is suitable for frequent use. The widened contact surface with ropes helps the movements of the ropes and reduces the wear of the carabiner. The slightly curved frame provides an excellent feel and easy grasp, increasing the internal dimension of the carabiners. The keylock ''no lock'' nose allows easy clipping and and avoids entangling with ropes or hangers. Available in 2 sizes.

• Hot-forged construction from 7075 high-strength  alloy.
• Widened contact surface with the rope.
• T-shaped lock nose improves the overall strength.
• Easy to grab dogbone made of tapered nylon sling of 26mm.
•  with a rubber sleeve at one end of the gate to prevent rotation.
• Recommended by the IFSC (International Federation of  Climbing) for Lead Competition.
  • Pack of 5 quickdraw
  • Gate Opening:
    • Bend gate: 21.5mm 
    • Straight Gate: 19.5mm
  • Strength:
    • Major Axis: 26kN
    • Minor Axis: 8kN
    • Open Gate: 8kN
    • Dogbone: 22kN
  • Weight:
    • 14cm: 126g
    • 20cm: 135g
  • Certification: CE0082 EN12275 UIAA
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