Anchar 4.2 Ice Tool

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The most advanced ice axe for technical drytooling and competition.

Made of titanium, high-strength aluminum and carbon fibre.

Product highlights:

The full carbon fibre ergonomic handle helps to protect fingers from freezing and the small diameter allows for a comfortable grip with both palms and fast hand changing.

Titanium pipe with variable wall thickness provides the necessary rigidity of the axe and comfort in use.

Aluminum head for the best possible weight balance of the tool.

High-strength titanium and stainless steel bolts.

Anchar 4 size is the maximum possible length for competition - meets the Ice Box UIAA standard. I other words, a longer tool will be disqualified in the UIAA competition and other most major events.

Equipped with a set of titanium cheeks for stain pull optimization.

Come with PAN77(A) drytooling pick.

Compatible parts: Cheek (combs), PAN5, PAN7, PAN77, PAN77(A,TN), PSVD, PSV0.

Weight: 495g including PAN77(A) pick and titanium cheeks.

Price is for ONE piece (shaft, pick and cheeks included).

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