PXS00(A) Cassin Pick

Select tip: Regular: wavy tip with square heel
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Verti Call Choice Award in the Performance categories. Click here for details!

Optimized for cold and high-density ice. Designed by Verti Call's ambassador Stas Beskin, known for his very thin ice pillar routes and epic solos. The new Golden version pushes the boundary of metallurgist to a new level with an amazing thinner tip (from 3.1mm for the previous version to 2.8mm for the Golden version). It penetrates the hardest ice effortlessly. Sold individually.

Tips  available:

  • Regular: wavy tip with square heel
  • R5 - part 0004: Round heel (slightly smaller than the regular)

Optimized High-density ice
Thickness at the tip 2.8mm
Weight 122g
Compatibility Cassin: X-Dream, X-All Mountain
Picks angle Ice (for icefall routes)
Strengthened Yes
Material Armor Steel
Made in Saint-Petersburg, Russia

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