Removable Anchor (Steel + Titanium)

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The Removable Anchor (Steel + Titanium) consists of a knurled outer sleeve with a flange made of ultra-high tensile wear-resistant steel, a titanium expansion element and a titanium nut with a 13mm head. The steel parts of the bolt are protected with a corrosion-resistant anodized coating. Titanium is extremely corrosion resistant and pink anodized.

The knurled surface of the sleeve of the bolt and the flange provide additional friction to prevent the spinning of the bolt during installation.

Ease of installation and robust design in conjunction with high-quality materials allow for long-lasting performance of the bolt.
  • Sleeve diameter: 10mm
  • Nut head: 13mm
  • Drilling depth: 35mm
  • Drilling diameter: 10mm
  • Pull-out strength: 15kN
  • Weight: 27g
  • Made in Russia

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