RH Recoilless Hammer

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RH Recoiless Hammer is the war machine for aid climbers. It doesn't matter if you battle on a Yosemite roof or with nails on the roof of your house, this is the tool for any hard works. The square shape of the hammer provides excellent precision for hitting the smallest target. The rubber handle gives a firm grip and reduces vibration.
  • Square shape for better precision
  • Rubber grip reduces vibrations
  • Hole below handle for attaching a keeper cord
  • Hole in head for attaching a piton removal device
  • Replaceable pick with heavily curved to facilitate piton removal
  • Material:
    • Hammer: H6VF steel
    • Shaft: aluminum pipe 22 mm, wall 5 mm
    • Pick: 6mm armour steel
    • Handle: Rubber
  • Dimension:
    • Hitting Surface: 27.5mm x 29.0 mm
    • Hammer Clearance: 38mm
    • Pick Clearance: 45mm
    • Pick Tip: 4mm
    • Handle: 17.7cm
    • Shaft & handle: 29.3cm
    • Total: 33.6cm x 13.1cm
  • Weight: approx 700g
  • Handmade in Russia

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