Universal Titanium FiFi

Select pick: PKFT0(A) for ice
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FT Universal titanium FiFi (PKFT0(A) pick and removable handle included)

Optimal for speed ice climbing, the FiFi can also be used for rock and regular ice climbing. The handle of the FiFi is made from high-strength titanium and replacement picks are made of armour steel. The parts are connected with heavy-duty stainless steel M5 bolts.

Paired with the PKFT0(A) pick, the FiFi offers a perfect balance for ice climbing speed competition. The FiFi is designed with the needs of today's speed climbers in mind. A combination of titanium and armour steel for reduced weight and improved weight balance while maintaining precise geometry. The FiFi can also be used for alpine climbing on icy terrain. For alpine use, the FiFi features a rectangular leash hole (with rounded corners) for 14-15 mm webbing (webbing can be added as an option).

With PKFT1(A) pick, the FiFi can be used on rock routes as protection points or climbing aids on technically demanding terrain.

  • Include removable handle
  • Two replacement pick are available:
    • 1) PKFT0(A) replacement ice pick.
    • 2) PKFT1(A) replacement dry pick
  • Made from high straight Aviation Titanium
  • Thickness: 4.5mm
  • Weight without pick: 150g
    • with PKFT0(A): 205g
    • with PKFT1(A): 219g
  • Sold individually
  • Made in Russia



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