Walker Glasses

Select color: White / Blue - Polarized CAT.3
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These glasses are ideal for alpinism, skiing and trekking. The large temples cover the eye area very well, preventing the discomfort of albedo light. The polarized lens is made of high-performance light polycarbonate. It comes in a rigid case with a carabiner, suitable to be carried in your harness.
  • Internal rubber bands keep the glasses in place while you move.
  • Adjustable cord included.
  • Ultraviolet 400 protection.
  • Available in polarized or photochromic + polarized version.
  • Size: 145 x 48 mm
  • Weight: 34g

Choose the lens category according to your needs:
- Category 0: 80%-100% transmission – for fashion, indoor use, or cloudy days
- Category 1: 43%-80% transmission – low sun exposure
- Category 2: 18%-43% transmission – medium sun exposure
- Category 3: 8%-18% transmission – strong brightness, light reflected off water or snow
- Category 4: 3%-8% transmission – intense sunshine for high mountains, and glaciers; not for driving car.

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