Concorde Quickdraw - 6 Pack

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The best value quickdraw hands down! By warm forging the carabiners, Mad Rock were able to minimize the production time of manufacturing these beauties. By reducing the time we reduced the cost of producing these durable and versatile quickdraws. Weighing in at 87 grams and connected with a Dyneema sling, the Concorde draw boasts 26kN along the Major Axis and 10kN along the Minor, making it one of the strongest aluminum wire carabiners on the market.
  • Pack of 6 draws
  • Warm Forged
  • Material: aircraft-grade aluminum
  • Major Axis: 26kN
  • Minor Axis: 10kN
  • Open Gate: 8kN
  • Gate Opening: 24.4mm
  • Length: 9.3cm
  • Weight: 87g each
  • Dyneema sling (dogbone) strength: 22kN
  • Certification: CE, UIAA

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