Barryvox Tester 2.0 Without W-link Stick

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In addition to the functions of the W-Link Stick, Tester 2.0 offers a comprehensive functional test. It measures and logs all safety-relevant parameters. This makes it ideal for retailers, organizations, and rental companies who want optimized Barryvox maintenance.

• W-Link frequency: 916-926 MHz
• At the European frequency(869.8 MHz)compatible with Barryvox® S, Barryvox®, Pulse and Element Barryvox®
• At the North American frequency(916-926 MHz)compatible with Barryvox® S and Barryvox
• Barryvox® function test including test log and comprehensive check of all safety parameters
• Update of Barryvox® devices to the latest firmware
• Simple and clear modifications to configuration settings
• Checking and access to service data and device status
• Barryvox® Service Software is suitable for Pulse Barryvox® and Element Barryvox®

Function and Design Optimized
• Skiing

• Dimensions: 16Wx16Hx13cm
• Weight: 1300g
• Fit: Basic
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