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The Mantis G2. The same Mantis quality and familiarity with some key upgrades and minor shape changes from last season's model to give you a better climbing experience:

- NEW cambered tip for greater precision
- Smaller trigger finger for the same precise control but more adaptable to smaller hands
- Now secured by stainless steel hex bolts for superior strength
- A new more rounded shoulder shape is more intuitive and gives greater precision in tip placement
- Made with stronger and lighter grade aluminum core.

The Mantis Tools are hold, wall and climber-friendly training tools for ice, mixed and dry tool training and indoor climbing. Made from high-quality birch, aluminum, stainless steel and a choice of the highest grades of climbing rubber from Scarpa and Vibram, the Mantis Tools have been designed not as a high-quality cross over piece of training equipment and as a stand-alone piece of climbing gear. Offering you the chance to develop your strength, power, endurance and perfect your technique all year round.

Mantis Tools are the real deal, they look, feel and climb as close to regular ice tools as you can realistically get whilst still being accepted by any forward thinking indoor climbing centre, with minimal risk of damage to both user and wall.

  • 'FULL TANG' aluminum spine running the entire length of the tool for MAX strength and a little feedback.
  • Outers made from high quality Baltic birch wood which is strong and looks great. Also reducing potential injury and kinder to the environment. Unless you're a tree.
  • POWERED UP with the addition of 6 stainless steel hex bolts. Making sure everything stays where it should.
  • Designed to mimic actual ice tools in both their design, scale and weight. Each tool is approx 500 grams. An aggressive pick angle means the burliest of overhangs are no problems.
  • Tested to hold up to 200kg on the pick tip to the grip. That's almost TWICE what you need to be T-rated.
  • Recessed leash attachment points in case you commit the faux pas of dropping a tool.
  • Scarpa Vision rubber for maximum durability with great stick. This rubber has a minimal amount of creep when used on the smaller holds.
Dimension: 44 x 21cm
Handle length: 95cm
Weight: 1000g (pair)

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