Keyhole Rivet Hangers

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Keyhole rivet hangers are designed for use on rivets or hangerless bolts and are stronger and more durable than traditional cable rivet hangers.  The beefy 0.090”-thick stainless steel hangers inspire confidence and make it possible to utilize the full strength of a rivet or bolt.  Compared to cable rivet hangers, keyhole hangers are shorter in height, enabling a climber to gain maximum reach from a rivet or bolt.  Both the 5/16” and 3/8” hangers are designed for added security such that once clipped with a carabiner, the hangers cannot come off of a rivet or bolt until the carabiner is unclipped from the hanger.

Moses keyhole hangers are tumbled to create a smooth finish that feels good in the hand and they fit a wide variety of anchors, including 1/4”, 5/16”, and 3/8” round or hex-head rivets and bolts.  For backcountry use, a few keyhole hangers can provide lightweight insurance for use on the unexpected hangerless bolt, should the need arise.  Designed for use, and tested on Yosemites big walls.

Size Thickness Width  Length Weight
1/4" - 5/16" 0.090 ” / 2mm 1 1/8" / 28mm 2 1/4" / 58mm 15g
3/8" 0.090 ” / 2mm 1 1/2” / 40mm 1 7/8" / 48mm 22g

5/16” fits
: Old 1/4″ buttonheads or threaded studs found on many classic routes and 5/16” buttonheads.

3/8” fits: 3/8” Rawl Spike and 3/8” buttonhead bolts, 3/8” Powers 5-piece hangerless bolts, 10 mm Fixe hangerless bolts, and 12 mm Fixe Triplex hangerless bolts.

Made in California, USA

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