Logan Hook

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Logan Hooks are small skyhooks with a shallowly curved hook designed for use in holes and narrow horizontal cracks where a standard skyhook will not fit.

The Pointed Logan Hook (also known as a Bat Hook) is particularly useful for hanging from old rivet holes.

Size Thickness Width  Length Weight
Pointed 1/8” / 2.5mm 1/8" / 2.5mm 2 1/8" / 53mm 33g
Wide 1/8” / 2.5mm 1/2” / 10mm 2 1/8" / 53mm 39g

Sling with 9/16″ super tape or 1/2″ tie-off webbing. If using the 9/16″ super tape, cut the webbing with a 45° angle to make it easier to feed through the tie-off hole.  1/2″ tie-off webbing allows more versatility on how the sling is oriented.  If using 1/2″ tie-off webbing, inspect the webbing frequently – It can wear out quickly.

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