Photon Alpine Express Dyneema 60cm Quickdraw - 4 Pack

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The Alpine Express connects two hyperlight, full-size Photon Wire carabiners with an equally versatile and lightweight 10 mm x 60 cm Dyneema runner. The Photon Wire is the lightest full-size carabiner on the market making it the optimal choice for use in alpine environments where we are often wearing gloves. The 10 mm x 60 cm Dyneema® slings are light, strong and thin making them the perfect choice for long routes where we need the variable length, but not the extra weight or bulk. The unique properties of Dyneema® also make them particularly well-suited for wet conditions common with alpine terrain.

  • 4 x Alpine Express Dyneema 60 cm quickdraws
  • Equipped with two Photon Wire carabiners
  • Versatile and lightweight 10 mm x 60 cm Dyneema® runner
  • Weight: 81g x 4 = 324g
  • Certification: CE, EN 12275-B

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