Pivot/Phantom HMS Set

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Versatile, functional, and innovative, the new DMM Pivot is a modern belay device that caters to modern belaying techniques with modern ropes. Meticulously researched and developed to provide optimum performance both belaying from the harness and direct from the anchor. The Pivot provides smooth paying out, a secure and confident catch, and controlled lowering.

The head-turner is the innovative pivot, this patent-pending solution shifts the lever arrangement to allow controlled and easily initiated lowering when used in guide/direct mode. Even with a weighty second, the belayer can lower one, both, or either second with total control using the specially shaped biner cavity. Once the top is reached, the Pivot will be a trustworthy abseil partner for the return to the base. Perfect for alpine, winter, and multi-pitch trad. All of these features are wrapped up in a package weighing only 72g.

  • Multi-use lightweight belay device
  • Pivot ensures easy rope control, especially when lowering in guide mode
  • Suitable for ropes from 7.3mm to 11mm. Optimized for 8mm to 10.5mm
  • Diagrams for rope installation engraved on belay device
  • Weight: 72g

The Phantom HMS Carabiner is extremely compact, lightweight and strong. It has a true HMS shape that is ideally suited to belaying and rigging. Use of an extra-short gate means it can take two clove hitches with ease.

  • Carabiner dimension: 72 x 96mm
  • Strength: 25kN (Major Axis), 9kN (Minor Axis), 7kN (Open Gate),
  • Gate opening: 20mm
  • Carabiner weight: 56g
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