Prime Connects Backcountry Spare Parts Kit

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You'll never have to cut a day in the backcountry short due to broken or missing parts again when you carry along the Karakoram Backcountry Spare Parts Kit.


  • 2x Dual Pivot Ankle Buckles
  • 2x Dual Pivot Toe Buckles
  • 2x Ankle Ladders
  • 2x Toe Ladders
  • 2x Nylon Set Screws
  • 2x M6x8 Button
  • 2x M6x10 Flat
  • 2x M6x10 Button
  • 2x M6x14 Flat
  • 2x M5x6 Flat
  • 2x M5x10 Button
  • 2x M5x12 Button
  • 2x M5x18 Button
  • 1x Sidewall Nut Plate
  • 1x Toe attachment Nut Plate

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