Quick Ice Screw

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The Quick Screw is a quick and easy all-in-one solution for ice climbing protection. It has an integral winder, carrier and quickdraw for fast, easy and secure placing, retrieval and racking. The ergonomically-designed screw has a compact head with a large-handled winder for efficient single-handed placing when gloved up, including in tight spaces. The integral sling carrier and quickdraw keeps your rack streamlined, speeds up the clipping process and makes it potentially easier for a second to remove – the screw can also remain clipped to rope, preventing it getting lost. And the integral screw tip protector prevents the sharp end of the screw from causing injury or damaging clothing and is also easy to remove with one hand. Available in three different lengths with colour coding for easy recognition.

  • Integrated screw tip protection (patent pending) won't get lost, prevents injury and damage to clothing
  • Integrated holster keeps screw in place on harness until used, easy to operate single-handed and gloved up
  • Compact head and integrated quickdraw attaches directly to harness for a streamlined rack (no need for ice screw clippers)
  • Ergonomic head for fast, efficient action
  • Large winder handle for greater screwing efficiency
  • Integrated quickdraw for immediate clip-in
  • Screw can be left clipped to rope when unscrewed from the ice, preventing loss
  • Colour coded for easy length-identification
  • Available in three lengths
    • 13cm - Green (200g)
    • 16cm - Blue (215g)
    • 19cm - Red (230g)
  • Certifications: EN 568


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