Skin Maintenance Kit

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 Your skin is literally what holds you on the rock, so it’s no wonder we as climbers need to maintain a fine-tuned manicure constantly. The Black Diamond Skin-Maintenance Kit has everything you need to repair your fingers at the crag and to doctor up those flappers and calluses after a hard day of cragging. Inside you’ll find a nail clipper, which is straight-angled for trimming skin, a roll of 1 ½” inch climbing tape, a roll of 1 ½” split roll tape for more accurate taping, and a sanding block. All of this comes in a travel tote that fits easily in your crag pack.

  • Nail clippers
  • 1 ½” tape
  • 1 ½” split roll tape - pre-split to 1” and 1/2”
  • Sanding block
  • Portable carry kit 

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