Squamish Cam Hook with Sling

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A hook that cams into a placement, usually a vertically oriented thin crack.

  • An essential clean-aid piece of hardware for every aid climber.
  • Must be threaded with a separate piece of webbing fed through the hole.
  • Features sharp edges at the tip and non-slippery surface for a better grip.
  • Ideal for fragile or thin flakes or for softer rock placements.
  • Made of 4130 Chromoly Steel and aluminum 7075-T6 for extra strength and durability.
  • Working Load: Body Weight
  • Measurements at the tip: Large (44.5mm x 3.8mm/1 3/4 x 0.150") Wide (32mm x 3.0mm/1 1/4 x .120") Narrow (21mm x 3.8mm/13/16 x .150") Small (14.5mm x 2.8mm/0.57" x .110")
  • Length: Large (73mm/2.87") Wide (75mm/2.94") Narrow (77mm/3") Small (46mm/1.81")
  • Thickness: Large (4.0mm/0.157") Wide (3.1mm/0.122") Narrow (4.1mm/0.16") Small (3.1mm/0.122")
  • Weight: Large (34g/1.2oz) Wide (56g/1.9oz) Narrow (59g/2.1oz) Small (20g/0.67oz)
  • Leverage: Large (Very Low Ratio: 1.5 to 1) Wide (Low Ratio: 2.2 to 1) Narrow (High Ratio: 3.5 to 1) Small (Low to Medium Ratio)

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