Squamish - The Shining Valley

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Squamish - The Shining Valley is a captivating hardcover coffee-table book about the story of Squamish from the past to the present. An extensive history from the ice ages to recent times is illustrated with over 60 photos and story-captions. Included is the formation of British Columbia and world and national events that affected Squamish. The modern history of Squamish is covered in detail and addresses the challenging times of the 1980s to the 2000s. Three photo-essay galleries and over 140 photographs portray Squamish as it is today: life in town, the landscapes, and people in action on the trails, the climbs, the water and the mountains. Extended descriptions draw the reader inside the story that each photo has to tell. This is an exceptional book for everyone who enjoys Squamish.

- Published by High Col Press in 2020
- Author: Kevin McLane
- Region: Squamish (British Colombia, Canada)
- Language: English
- Weight: 684
- Color: Yes
- Pages: 128
- Dimension: 10.5″ wide by 8.75″ tall
- ISBN: 978-0-9865191-7-8

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