5.9mm PowerCord

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PowerCord is a 5.9 mm accessory cord with a unique braided Technora core which doubles the strength of a standard 5.9 mm accessory cord. Technora is a high-strength, yet lightweight material making PowerCord a great option for anchor building and haul lines.
  • Core: technora (aramid)
  • Sheath: nylon
  • MBS Rating: 4,429 lb
  • MBS Rating: 19.7 kN
  • Certification: EN 564
  • Sold by meter
  • Color: black
* Verti Call recommends the black colour as we can identify easily what is tech cord and what is regular nylon cord, most often colourful. Both materials don't have the same lifespan. Also, some tech cords don't have nylon sheaths and required a triple fisherman knot instead of a double. It makes sense to easily identify the tech cord.

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