Aero 9.2 XEROS 70m Dry Rope

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The Aero balances a durable, tough sheath with a lighter weight core construction. The result is a sending rope with softer handling that’s ideal for sport, mixed and ice climbing applications.
  • Single, Half and Twin Dynamic Rope
  • 70m lengths
  • UIAA Dry certified built with Sterling XEROS technology
  • Made with bluesign® certified raw materials
  • Non bicolor options include middle mark
  • UIAA 101
  • CE EN 892
  • Diameter (mm) 9.2
  • Weight (g/m) 56
  • Sheath (%) 41
  • Impact Force (kN) 8.8 | 8.6 | 10.1
  • Static Elongation (%) 7.5 | 6.6 | 6.1
  • Dynamic Elongation (%) 30.2 | 28.9 | 23.6
  • UIAA Falls 7 | 21 | > 20


Sterling spent the past three years working closely with their bluesign®-certified nylon yarn supplier in an exclusive partnership that let them develop an entirely new way to create dry rope. What they’ve created is not a coating applied to the rope, or a separate liquid bath treatment. It’s a new step in the manufacturing process of individual nylon filaments, before they’re even twisted into yarn, that makes each fiber water resistant. When Sterling make dry rope using these fibers, the result is a product that blows traditional dry rope out of the water. And that’s not the only thing that makes XEROS technology a breakthrough. Along with being PFOA (Perfluorooctanoic Acid) and PFAS (Perfluoroalkyl and polyfluoroalkyl substances) long-chain free, like all Sterling ropes, the XEROS technology process:
• Reduces waste
• Uses bluesign® certified raw materials
• Reduces energy use
• Reduces labor

In other words, this new process is better for the environment. And best of all, climbing rope with XEROS technology costs significantly less than rope made with traditional dry treatments. That’s right—there’s no premium to pay for a rope that’s really ready for anything.

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