Stone Forest Splitboard & Stony Skins

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It has received several awards from ski rando mag magazine, and a "Best Freestyle Backcountry" splitboard mag award for its versatility & responsiveness.

Always more beautiful & efficient, this split is back in force this winter. Available in 3 sizes: 155, 159 & 163. It receives awards every year as it is appreciated by testers & the Stone Family. The forest is an all mountain freeride split with a 2cm set back on the back foot. Ideal for doing jumps, powder snow & easy switch riding on all terrains. Its shape & its classic camber allows riders to identify with something already known, easy & ultra goes everywhere whether in easy or very committed. The design was made by Simon Rivière. We love her style! He has already designed this same split last year. Riding something high-performance is the main thing, but if it's also beautiful, then why deprive yourself.

As always, this split receives a robust construction mixing paulonia & poplar to make its core playful and very responsive. A mat top sheet in biaxial fiber to make it fun and pleasant during big hikes. Its almost full black IS 7200 sole for easy repair in the event of an impact with a stone. Stone clips & hooks in the colors of the split. Available naked or in a pack with at least its skins cut to measure. Only ingredients that confirm that this split made in Europe remains one of the best on the market.

Sole details: An almost all-black sintered sole for easy repair in the event of an impact. Clips & Hooks Stone tinted with the image of this splitboard. All the ingredients are there to help you get the most out of the powder.

Sizes available: Available in 3 sizes, 159 & 163 Flex 8.

Terrain: Freeride all mountain.

Construction: In terms of construction, we always gain in lightness by mixing two wood cores. We use poplar reputed for its solidity & its taste for deformation & paulownia which is an ecological & very light tree. The mixture of these ingredients gives an ultra reactive & solid board. Along the entire length of each ski, a carbon reinforcement has been added for better relaunch & fluidity. Biaxial fiber is used so as not to break your legs at the end of the day. As always, we gain in rigidity by playing on the thickness of the core.




The STONY Skins can only be installed on Stone splitboards. No other brand of skins will fit as well as these on your stone splitboard.

Premium Mixmohair is suitable for all types of terrain and all types of snow. It offers longevity and perfect grip, even for multiple ascents. The new KOHLA Fiberseal Technology makes it possible to obtain a thin, very robust and completely waterproof skin which, thanks to its small size, adapts to all hiking backpacks.

Maximum flexibility is also ensured by the "Smart Glue", a newly developed state-of-the-art adhesive that guarantees easy handling and easy removal of skins, even when putting them on and taking them off repeatedly. The main advantage of the new Fiber Seal construction is a 3-layer water resistant system with no cotton-polyester layer on the bottom.

Overall, the skins are: cut to measure in length & width, mohair mix 65% 35% nylon, smart glue technology (Smart Glue) and regluable,  The skins are made in Austria.

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