Stone White Splitboard & Stony Skins

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Selected in the US by Backcountry magazine as one of the best splitboards on American soil. 

White split: This is a classic camber twin tip split, based on Stone's message snowboard. Whether you like jumping, carving in normal or switch, this split is perfect for those who don't want to take the risk of having one that's too typical. It is simple & efficient, everything you ask of a splitboard. Focused on the inserts you will have as much nose as tail. Available in 3 sizes: 153, 156 & 159. It's pure all mountain freestyle! It does very well in powder. The core is light due to its combination of Poplar & Paulownia wood. These two woods mix very well, one for its torsion strength & the other for its weight gain.

It is a very responsive, playful splitboard that loves to adventure. Originally equipped with Stone's own anodized aluminum clips & hooks with a special color for this split. Stone recommend taking our tailor-made “Stony” skins with an attachment system adapted only for this split. No other pair of skins on the market match better than these. The white split is available naked or as a complete pack. Always made in Europe, to gain proximity & above all not to lose quality.

Sole details: The fried sole is factory waxed, almost all black, to gain glide & easily repair in case of snags with rocks.

Sizes available: 153, 156 and 159

Terrain: Freestyle all mountain.

Construction: The white gets its own abs clips & Stone aluminum hooks. This kit hugs the splitboard perfectly. Biax fiber is used so you won't be twisting your legs all day long. Splitboarding & suffering the entire ride... hell!




The STONY Skins can only be installed on Stone splitboards. No other brand of skins will fit as well as these on your stone splitboard.

Premium Mixmohair is suitable for all types of terrain and all types of snow. It offers longevity and perfect grip, even for multiple ascents. The new KOHLA Fiberseal Technology makes it possible to obtain a thin, very robust and completely waterproof skin which, thanks to its small size, adapts to all hiking backpacks.

Maximum flexibility is also ensured by the "Smart Glue", a newly developed state-of-the-art adhesive that guarantees easy handling and easy removal of skins, even when putting them on and taking them off repeatedly. The main advantage of the new Fiber Seal construction is a 3-layer water resistant system with no cotton-polyester layer on the bottom.

Overall, the skins are: cut to measure in length & width, mohair mix 65% 35% nylon, smart glue technology (Smart Glue) and regluable,  The skins are made in Austria.

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