The Firefly - Recovery Device for Draws & Carabiners

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The worst enemy to a climber's progression is the wall the climber never attempts. Never be stopped again with the Firefly! The Firefly is a revolutionary piece of climbing equipment that allows a climber to recover a quickdraw from any height, so if it's your first clip or your 15th, it doesn't matter as long as you have the Firefly. Feel the freedom of climbing without boundaries. Climb, set, lower, pull -- it's that easy. First, attach the firefly to the top quickdraw. Second, thread a small cord through the hanger and attach it to the firefly. Third, rappel to the ground then pull the cord to operate the Firefly after your weight is off the rope, detach the quickdraw from the hanger and bring it all down from the safety of the ground. The Firefly allows you to push yourself to try harder climbs without the added stress of potentially losing gear. This gear is for climbers who want to become better.

The device is created out of aluminum allowing it to be lightweight and durable. The device works with most carabiners, both solid and wire gates.

The pull cord included in the package is a 50ft long 275 paracord. Any length of cord can be used with the device. The Firefly has been used to retrieve draws on 120ft walls and around rock ledges. If you already bring a tagline for an eventual rappel you can leave the paracord.

  • Include a 50ft long 275 paracord
  • Weight: 17g (device) + 63g (paracord)
  • Material: aluminum (device), nylon (paracord)
  • Come with instruction

How to attach and use with a wire gate carabiner:

How to attach and use with a solid gate carabiner:

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