The Needles Climbing - A Complete Guide (Southern Sierra)

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This guidebook covers every route from the classics to the obscure at the upper Needles, Voodoo Dome, Demon Dome, and the secretive Merlin Dome at the Southern Sierra, California.

Also covered in detail are Dome Rock and Hermit Spire. The Needles stately neighbor to the south, Dome Rock, is home to more easily accessible classic climbs than any other crag in the southern Sierra. Hermit Spire, easily seen from The Needles approach, stands alone across the Freeman Creek drainage beckoning to adventurous climbers.

Everything you need to know to get there, camp there, climb there, and enjoy rest days is in this book. You will also find interesting reading, including a carefully researched history of Needles area climbing, rounded out by personal accounts from Needles climbers who led the way.

This book is the complete Needles guide.

- Published by K. Daniels Publishing in 2016
- Author: Khristian Solem
- Region: Southern Sierra (California, USA)
- Language: English
- Color: Yes
- Pages: 240
- ISBN: 9780692720677

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