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Using a sliding ball-and-ramp, BallNutz protects small parallel-sided cracks better than any other piece of protection available. The head is so narrow and small they fit where the only other option for pro would be pounding a pin.
  • Colour coded for fast identification.
  • Lighter than a pin and far more easy to remove.
  • Very good strength on loading considering such a small device.
  • Certification: CE0120, EN: 12276
  • Made in Korea

#1 Blue Weight: 31 g Strength: 7 kN Range: 3.7-6.4 mm

#2 Red Weight:39 g Strength: 8 kN Range: 4.8-9 mm

#3 Yellow Weight: 49 g Strength: 8 kN Range: 6.1-11.6 mm

#4 Green Weight: 58 g Strength: 8 kN Range: 7.8-13.8 mm

#5 Purple Weight: 73 g Strength:8 kN Range: 10.3-17.5 mm,

Set (1-5)Weight: 31-73 g Strength: 8 kN Range: 3.7-17.5 mm

The full set of Ballnutz come with the option to add a Trango Oval Carabiner


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