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The Rock Prodigy Forge uses the same principles that make the RP Training Center so effective and adds new dimensions of difficulty and ergonomics. New features include: a dedicated closed-crimp grip with thumb support, all-new edge profiles, drafted pockets and a smoother texture throughout. All hold dimensions are different from the RP Training Center, making it the perfect addition to your training arsenal.

  • Harder and more refined
  • Uses the same principles of the Rock Prodigy Training Center and adds new dimensions of difficulty and ergonomics
  • Dedicated closed-crimp grip with thumb support minimizes injury while training a critical grip
  • Completely different holds from the Rock Prodigy Training Center with all-new edge profiles and steeper slopers
  • Drafted pockets for a more natural and comfortable finger position while training, even when adding weight
  • Dimensions: 5.25"x12.75"
  • Weight: 3.95 pounds per side, 7.90 pounds total

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