Capoeira Ice 11 Boots & Crampons

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The TRIOP Capoeira Ice 11 combines climbing shoes, boots and crampons for the best performance in drytooling, competition, mixed and ice climbing when it's not too cold. It's much more technical, precise and lighter than winter boots with binding crampons.

The split cowhide leather in combination with Cordura offers strength, durability and maximum flexibility. The inner lining Dri-Lex removes moisture from the foot. The PE insulation and padding give an excellent feeling when put on and provide optimal comfort for the instep and ankle. A velcro strap secures the ankle and the laces. The very stiff sole is added with all-around CLING sticky rubber for better durability and technical movement on rock. Singing Rock Raveltik Capoeira crampons are made out of high-quality Chrome-Molybdenum steel and mounted to the sole, which brings the feeling of compact integrity. The length of the front section crampons increases the rigidity of the already very stiff sole. This stiffness optimizes performance on the hardest drytooling routes. The front adjustable mono-point offers absolute freedom in movement. The heel-point (spur) helps to relieve your weight in more difficult overhangs and roof sections. Both points (front and spur) are removable and adjustable in length according to your preference.
  • Includes boots, crampons, front points, heel spurs, hex keys, bolts, spacers and a user guide
  • Removable and adjustable front points and heel spurs
  • Material:
    • Upper: Split cowhide leather, CORDURA
    • Midsole: Stiff Dural
    • Sole: CLING 4mm Rubber
    • Lining: DRI-LEX
    • Crampons: Singing Rock Raveltik Capoeira (know as the Capoeira made by Raveltik, which is now owned and made by Singing Rock)
  • CORDURA is a light technical fabric (100% polyamide (nylon) with durable PU coating and water-repellent Teflon adjustment) with high strength and flexibility that is easy to maintain and resistant to abrasion and tearing.
  • DRI-LEX is a multi-zone lining system that removes moisture from the foot. The layer closest to the skin is made of 100% hydrophilic nylon fibre that keeps feet dry and comfortable.
  • Cow Split Leather is a lower layer of skin with a rough surface similar to suede, used for the production of climbing shoes and outdoor sports shoes.
  • Cling: The quality of the compound is for climbing as important as the quality compound of a car tyre. Every rubber compound has to find the best compromise between friction and lifetime. Friction in such material depends not only on the mechanical unevenness of the surface but also on the temperature and especially the adhesion of the molecules of the individual materials. The force here interacts both on the surface of the rock and the rubber compound. The Cling Rubber offers an optimal ratio of the necessary features for sports climbing at all levels.
  • Weight:
    • 875g: A single boot with full crampons without heel spur (size 42 EUR)
    • 675g: A single boot without crampons (size 42 EUR)
    • 225g: Full crampons for a single foot including a heel spur, bolts and spacers
    • 900g: A single boot including full crampons with a heel spur (size 42 EUR)
    • 26g: A heel spur
  • Handmade in the Czech Republic
  • Front points compatible:
    • Krukonogi FM1(A),
    • Krukonogi FM2(A),
    • Krukonogi FM3(A),
    • Krukonogi FM05(A),
    • Krukonogi FR1(A)
  • Bolt-on crampons compatible:
    • Krukonogi Speed Hunter CSHL


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