Twist Quattro Harness

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Comfortable four-buckle harness for all-around use.

Comfortable harness designed especially for alpine climbs. With two belt buckles and two leg buckles, it is fully adjustable in all directions. It's padded sufficiently for long wearing. With six material eyes and two carry-tool slots, the Twist Quattro can carry a large amount of gear. The wear indicator in the tie-in loop warns in time that the harness needs to be replaced with a new one.

Padded belt and leg loops with very comfortable sandwich construction

  •  Adjustable leg loops
  • Moveable waist
  • 4 slide-lock stainless steel buckles SS-420J2(2 x 20 mm, 2 x 30 mm), completely adjustable in all directions
  • 6 gear loops
  • EN 12277 typ C
  • UIAA 105
 XS - M  65 - 95 cm  45 - 60 cm  420 g
 M - XL  76 - 110 cm  53 - 72 cm  460 g

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