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The most advanced portable hangboard on the market. It's universal, light, small, and wooden (birch wood, hand-made with 3-step fine sanding). Now you can continue your training anywhere as you carry your fingerboard with you. Ucraft has added all possible features to fulfill most exercising facilities. There are 12 types of crimps, adjustable-angle slopers, and 2 styles of pinches, as well as anatomically correct pull-up grips.
  • No need for a special place to exercise, any bar or branch will work. Hang the adjustable rope almost anywhere to create a comfortable training gym.
  • Weigh just over 350g (12oz) for the pair, about one can of soda. The product was developed to be as light and small as possible to reduce weight and bulk while traveling, allowing the user to continue training on the go.
  • Why wood is the best material for hangboards? It's light and durable, gentle on your skin, natural, absorbs sweat, doesn't get slippery.
  • Include cords, storage bag, and exercise diagrams.
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