Vector Big Hand Ascender

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Recommended Use: rock climbing/ice climbing/mountaineering/caving/tree
climbing/fire/rescue/rope access/industry

Vector-L Hand Ascender is a device that allows the user to ascend using the
Single Rope Technique (SRT). Its larger handle makes it easier to use when
wearing gloves.
  • Larger handle makes it easier to use when wearing gloves, ideal for alpine climbing
  • CNC machined and ergonomic, ideal for suspension work
  • Ergonomic handle made by double injection molding technology offers excellent grip and comfort
  • Teethed cam optimizes performance in blocking and ascending under any conditions (muddy or frozen ropes, moisture, etc.)
  • Self-cleaning slot prevents accumulation of mud
  • Two-way trigger-finger release allows fast operation
  • Wide lower hole allows easy rotation of the carabiners (even screw gate carabiners)
Suited for Rope Dia.: 8≤Ø≤13 mm
Dimensions: 197mm x 96mm x 35mm
Weight: 195g

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