Wall Cruiser 9.6mm Unicore 50m Rope

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A manageable, strong and light rope designed for young climbers and intended for indoor climbing.

The diameter of the WALL CRUISER make it easy to handle and to place the rope in a belay device. It also makes it easier to tie a rope knot and give slacky. Its thick, smooth sheath is perfectly resistant to abrasion.

WALL CRUISER is also equipped with the UNICORE process which glues the core to the sheath of the rope and limits sheath slippage. All this for greater durability and strength over time.

  • Diameter: 9.6mm
  • Length: 50m
  • Unicore technology
  • Rated: Single Rope
  • Material: Polyamide
  • Low impact force: 8.20 kN
  • Sheath slippage: 0 mm
  • Dynamic elongation: 36 %
  • Static elongation: 8.5 %
  • Percentage of sheath: 41%
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