Zealot Ice Axe

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ZEALOT is a classic 75 cm long ice axe. The unique modern head design makes the grip hand very comfortable. Has a hole for a carabiner. The serrated beak easily penetrates even the hardest ice. The geometry and sharpenest of the shovel make it easy to cut steps. 

The head is precision-cast from 17-4ph stainless steel with a hardness of 40-44 HRC. This high-strength material is hardened after heat treatment and provides excellent resistance to corrosion. It contains chromium and copper, due to which it has good machinability, high resistance to stress corrosion and a short heat low-temperature treatment minimizes warping and peeling.

The spike ensures easy penetration into the snow even with an ice crust on the surface.
Holes on both ends provide clipping options for anchors or a leash.
  • Length: 75cm
  • Weight: 560g
  • Material: aluminum alloy for the shaft, 17-4 steel for the head
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