KAILAS Pants Guide
We received inquiries about our climbing pants so here's a quick Kailas pants guide with pictures from our staff, customers, and ambassadors. Most pants are highly discounted and of great quality. I hope this guide will help you make your choice of pants that will best fit your needs.

The El Capitan Pro is a thick, warm and stretchy denim style with an elastic band to secure the ankle. It is so far our best seller. Our discount is just incredible. The El Capitan Pro is available in multiple colors.  It has two hand pockets and one small gear pocket inside the right-hand pocket. A chalk bag loop at the back is also a nice feature.

Yves Gravelle is seen on this picture sporting the El Capitan Pro Pants.


I (Marc-Olivier Chabot) am sporting the Kailas El Capitan Pro Pants as you can see in the picture below.

The Blue Magic is thin and stretchy. Perfect for hot days. It is extremely comfortable under a harness because of its high waist without any pressure points. Highly recommended for long day climbing and multi-pitches. The high waist could be rolled or folded very easily to make a normal waist if desired. The bottom of the pants rolls up (three turns) and buttons up the side of the leg so you don't step on them when climbing. The blue Magic is available in Peacock blue and Dark green.

The Cowboy is made smaller, it's a kind of jeans. There is a rope at the ankle. These pants are available in orange and green. We recommand to size up 2x as they run small.  I fyou usually wear medium, I would suggest an XL

Jean-Sébastien Girard is seen here wearing the Kailas Cowboy Pants.


The Men's V15 is tight around the ankle. Justin Sanford and Yves Gravelle's new favorite pants. This wear resistant and lightweight fabric offers great protection to your skin. We recommand wearing these pants when rock climbing, bouldering and just out and about doing daily activities.

You can see Justin Sanford in this picture below sporting the Kailas V15 Street Pants.

Yves Gravelle with the Kailas V15 Street Pants.

The Men's and Women's 9a pants are for me the most versatile. Good for climbing, hiking, and casual activity. They are also great for everyday life (relaxing at home, driving, etc). It is stretchy and athletic with a traditional look. The Cordura fabric is very durable considering how thin it is. At the ankle it's like the Blue Magic, rolls up and buttons up. Available in multiple colors.
9a Classic:

Pascal Simard sporting the Kailas 9a Classic Pants.
Jean-Sébastien Girard is seen below wearing the Kailas 9a Classic Pants.

9a Classic Thicker is slightly thicker and warmer:

9a Onsight have better ventilation and more pockets, including one zippered pocket. Available in multiple colors (Apple Green, Olive Grey, Wine Red, Grey Green, Dark Turquoise):

9a Classic for women is lightweight and stretchy, Another winner for everyday activity (available in mutliple colors):

The Men's Niu C Jeans are stretchy and durable. It does not have a specific ankle-tight system.

Women's V15 Rock Pants is a tight-fit soft athletic jeans. 

Madeleine with the Kailas Women's V15 Rock Pants.
Click on the links and photos to get more informations about sizing.
Climb hard!
Posted by Marc-Olivier Chabot

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