The KAILAS ice screw storage bag
The Kailas Ice Screw Storage Bag

Have you ever wondered how to store your precious ice screws properly and safely? How to pack them in your backpack without damaging everything? If so, we might have found what you need. The Kailas Ice Screw Storage Bag is not only well made and designed, but it's also good-looking.

Why do I like it? My first argument is simple. The screws stay in place in the bag. That's it! The roll-bag includes 8 long slots made with a sticky fabric that "grabs" the screw. Compression straps on each end of the slot make no mistake. No screws are going to fall on the ground or in the backpack potentially causing tears or damaging other gear or the screws themselves.

The long slots give the possibility to slide two 10cm or one 10cm and one 13cm on each side (see video). It means it can hold 16 screws between 10cm and 13 cm. Because the material is sticky on both sides, it provides the option of storing screws in-between slots. That bag could be jam-packed with 20+ screws and will digest it like a champ! 

The sticky orange material is a PVC and did not absorb a single drop of water. The 100% nylon blue material is water-resistant and dry quickly. 

The bag has a zippered pocket on the outside that can hold small items such as ice-screw caps, spare picks/front points, Allen keys, snacks, pitons, slings for Abalakov, etc. 

Beauty is a personal preference but we can't think of anyone not finding it eye appealing with the nice ocean blue/orange and icicle logo.

We haven’t found anything negative to say about this bag. In the end, it's just a bag and won't be a game-changer in your project but preventing the damage of your precious screws, could be.

In conclusion, the Kailas Ice Screws Storage Bag is compact and very functional preventing you from losing your screws or damaging your gear. It's also a very decent price for all the benefits it gives. For these reasons, the Kailas Ice Screw Storage Bag is a clear Performance Choice Award winner by Verti Call.

See the video for a good look at the bag. 
* No glass tables or screws were hurt during the making of that video!

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Posted by Marc-Olivier Chabot

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