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KAILAS Clip-Up EVO stick clip is designed for rock climbing, rescue, working at heights, etc. Acting like an extendable arm, it makes clipping or unclipping quickdraws and ropes much easier and safer. 

  • Easy-to-carry aluminum alloy construction with an extendable design
  • Improve twist-lock mechanism
  • The unique clipping carabiner design holds the gate open for easy clipping or unclipping from the bolt hanger
  • Standard 1/4 inch screw hole at the bottom for cameras and other items
  • Patent (Patent No. 2021223821713) Double-threaded Screw Mechanism would double the length of the pole (require two Clip Up), extending the pole up to 5m
  • Innovative and patented Spring Ball Mechanism (Patent No. 2021111488767) promises quick detachment and change of the head. The pole can be used with different heads according to different needs. Also, the Spring Ball Mechanism prevents the head from rotating and loosening, making it attached much more firmly to the pole.
  • Accessories available: brushes, pass-rope devices for making a top-rope (must be purchased separately)
  • Max extended length: 250cm / 98.4 inches
  • Collapsed length: 50cm / 22.7 inches
  • Larger diameter makes the extended stick stronger than the previous version
  • Weight: 617g

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