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These innovative accessories are compatible with the Kailas Clip-Up Evo.  Transform your Clip-up into an all-around tool for work at height, climbing, bouldering and arboriculture.


Clip-up EVO Replacement Bouldering Brush

Replacement brush. Require the Bouldering Brush Head. 

Clip-up EVO Bouldering Brush Head

Made of stiff bristle, this climbing brush will help clean rocks and stones quickly and efficiently for better friction. Angle and inclination are adjustable to reach all rock features.


Clip-up EVO Double-threaded Screw

The patented Double-threaded Screw Mechanism to use with 2 Clip-up EVO will double the length of the pole, extending it up to 500cm (Patent No.:2021223821713)

Clip-up EVO Large Carabiner Fork Head

Similar to the head included with the Clip-Up EVO stick but for larger carabiners. Perfect to clip carabiner in a bolt, this Fork is suitable for HMS or carabiners with large gates that are auto-lock (twist lock or triple lock)


Clip-up EVO Rope Head 8cm

This very innovative accessory will help you reach the unattainable. It was made to bring a rope over something (up to 4cm circumference), such as a pole, branch, beam, etc. It is perfect for arborists, saddle hunting, rescue, top rope climbing, setting up a rappel station or many industrial applications.

  • The anchor diameter must be up to 40mm
  • Weight: 178g

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