Glue-in Anchor Ø10x80mm SS316

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Stainless steel AISI 316L anchor point. 

  • Works on hard and soft stone
  • Smooth eye allows safe rope threading for retreat
  • Recommended glue: G&B Gebofix C10, UPM 44, FIS 360V or other alternative resin capsule RM10
  • Material: Stainless steel AISI 316L
  • Dimension:
    • Stem: 80mm
    • Diameter: 10mm (require Ø12mm hole)
    • Full length: 123mm
    • Internal eyelet: 27 x 22mm
    • External eyelet: 41 x 47mm
  • Strength: 25kN (major and minor axis)
  • Complies with standard: UNI 11578: 2015, EN 959: 2018, UIAA 123-2
  • Weight: 123g
  • Made in Italy 
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