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The second edition of GNOME descender has the following improvements:
- hot forged side plates for better ergonomics;
- a steel plate in the area of most intensive friction for a longer lifespan;
-a plastic patch on a cam for a more convenient belay;
- the cam opens only for 90° for easier rope installation.

GNOME is a truly revolutionary descending and belay device.An innovative adaptation system, which adjusts to the user’s weight and rope diameter has been incorporated in this design, which is the first of its kind in the world.This system:

-ensures a precise and smooth descent control with a fraction of normal applied force to its handle, allowing for ‘one-finger effort’;
-works on a wide range of rope diameters (8,9...11) without a loss of quality in descent and belay;
-allows to combine functionality of a descender and a belay device.

- provides a precise, smooth and reliable descent control;
- makes "one-handed" descent possible;
-is compatible with many differing carabiner shapes.
- doesn't need to take out a carabiner to install the rope;
- doesn't twist a rope;
- decreases rope wear;
- is compact and light.

The cam and the clamping surface area are manufactured from high grade steel.Inside the cam there is a hidden high-precision mechanism made from high-grade steel which has only a few microns of tolerance

Gradual cam engagement decreases the force of fall and rope wear in case of accidental free-fall.

GNOME is one of the lightest compact devices among auto-blocking belay devices. Maximum working load is 200 kg.

The device is designed to reduce the possibility of a belayer panicking: when the rope is blocked, the handle remains steady.

The device’s body design makes it compatible with many differing carabiner shapes.

GNOME design is patented (# 147130 from 26.06.2014). It took 7 years to design and test the device.
  • Weight: 300±5 g
  • Dimensions: 110*61*43 mm (±1 mm)
  • Material: steel cam, alum handle and side plates
  • EN 12841-C: Ø10-11 mm static ropes, 2kN WL, 100 m max descent length
  • EN 15151-1: Ø8,9-10,2 mm dynamic ropes
  • Max descent speed: 2 m/s
  • CE EN certified

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