Pirata Black Descender

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The Pirata descender is designed for rope access and work positioning.

The new design significantly reduces friction during ascent.

The cam system perfectly aligns the rope in a single plane, limiting twisting during long descents.

The simplicity of construction facilitates pre and post-use checks and simplifies periodic inspection.

The stainless steel cams have a long life, even with the most intense use.

The new articulated lever allows release to be driven by the user's body weight, thus reducing the required force necessary compared to a traditional brake lever.

Suitable for skilled and experienced users.
  • Length: 174mm
  • Working Load:
    • 100kg: Rope diameter 10 - 12mm
    • 200kg: Rope diameter 11 - 12mm
  • Weight: 420g
  • Certification: CE 0426, EN 12841:06/C
  • High quality product, made in Italy!

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